Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sun Bonnet

 Sun hat was cut out and assembled!
 It will be so pretty on the little miss.
 I always add a bit of elastic in the back to help it stay put.
The breeze on the beach can be brisk!
 And here is a pair of mini socks!
These are really so small-they would fit a very new newborn!
I will keep that in mind in future;  I bet these would stay put on those wiggly feet!
I've used up all of the kitchen cotton yarn at present;
I think I have satisfied that itch for a while.
Nice way to close out the month.


  1. That hat is just the cutest thing!!!

  2. The sun had is so cute! I love the idea of elastic at the back!

  3. Brings to mind a few hats I made my oldest when she was little. Each outfit I made had to have a matching hat or bow, not that she had any hair for bows until a lot older. LOL So cute, and great idea on the elastic in the back!

  4. A precious sun hat. My niece wore a hat like that all the time when she was a toddler.

  5. I need one of those sunhats for the lake! It is so sweet and the addition of elastic is brilliant. :-)
    Great dishcloths too. I've had one on the needles in my car for a few weeks. I haven't ridden much so I think I need to just finish it up soon.

  6. The bonnet is so sweet!! Great print!


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