Monday, June 10, 2019

Living and Learning!

I am taking another class to better learn how to make a sock from fingering weight yarn 
on the machine. 
 It turned out beautifully and you can 't tell how many times I had to knit that heel 
until I figured out what I was doing! lol
Sock number two went much faster, 
until I ran out of yarn.
Then I realized that this leftover yarn from the Begonia sweater needs to be used to 
adjust the size of the neckline so the fit will improve
 and I will not rip out anything.
Sometimes you need to step away from a project to know what to do.
I knew what I was doing when I breezed through piecing the rest of the blocks for the charm pack.
It will take a while until I am up to full creative speed again!


  1. You made that sock on a machine? Whoa....that's just amazing.

  2. Is the class online, or do you tote your machine somewhere?

  3. The sock is so nice - hard to believe you made it on the machine.

  4. Love the little cable down the side.

  5. That is a wild photo of sock machine knitting!

  6. The knitting machine was a wonderful investment. The sock looks fabulous!

  7. Socks on a machine? I didn't even know you could do that!

  8. Cute sock! When I reorganized my fabrics I was afraid I would forget that I wanted to use certain pieces together. So I pulled the groups I really wanted to use in a project and keep them separated. And I also wish I could find the black worsted I set aside for hats, to be sure I didn't use it for something else! LOL


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