Saturday, June 22, 2019

Squared Off

 It's amazing what you can accomplish when you stay home all day!
This quilt went together, was loaded and stitched and then I moved onto the next one!
 A quick job on this one , too!
Next I will be adding the binding so I can add these two to the pile for donations!
 And I am proud to say I have another completed pair of socks!  
The Patons Kroy makes a very hardy pair of socks!
And best of all, my niece came for a visit while here on vacation!
We went out for a lunch on the deck of Corky Bell's, along with her friends!
Look who stopped in for a bit of sunning
 and swimming!


  1. Is that a.....oh, dear it is! When I used to visit my ex MIL in Naples I would be amazed at how she viewed the neighborhood alligators/crocodiles (I don't know the difference) that walked through her yard the same way I view the raccoons. She used to toss them marshmallows.

  2. Awwwwww....such a tiny little alligator. I do miss them. For some reason I find alligators fascinating in their pre-historic looks.

    Glad you found some time with your niece AND probably had some pretty good seafood.

  3. How do you tell the difference between alligators and crocodiles? For me, it doesn't matter, I would just run away squealing.

  4. A whole day at home! That sounds great! Why is that such a hard thing to arrange? I think I need to arrange a few of those.
    How fun that your niece visited!
    Your quilts are just gorgeous!

  5. Those quilts are gorgeous! In one day? I'm amazed. Totally amazed at that. I just finished the first sock of a very similar pair with Paton's Kroy. I think my yarn has more blue in it than the brown tones in yours. I'll have to check on that.
    As for the alligator. No thank you. They terrify me. Maybe that's because I've never lived around them being from the midwest and now Pacific northwest.
    Have a lovely Sunday.


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