Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Making Pieces

I managed to rotary cut all of the pieces to begin a new quilt!
I had purchased this kit a year ago and am just getting to it!
I will be making two lap quilts from this one larger top.
I even stitched one 12 " block together for inspiration!   
 Look what my Fernandina Beach grands pointed out to their dad!
It is a rare pink katydid;
the equivalent to an albino in the insect world of katydids.
Doesn't it look so pretty?!  
What a great find!


  1. That quilt kit looks like fun!
    A pink katydid? Wow....I've always liked katydids but they are rare around here. I think the cats eat them before I can see any.

  2. That is one cool katydid! Congratulations on getting all the cutting finished.

  3. Yay for new projects, Ick for bugs! LOL

  4. The Grands have sharp eyes - a great discovery. The quilt block is colorful and fun. Enjoy

  5. I've never seen a pink one. Good find kids!

  6. That is a neat block and I love the colours.
    And that Katydid - WOWZA! Nature is sooo cool.

  7. I have never heard of a pink katydid. Very cool!
    I love the colors of your new quilt and the block pattern too. How fun! It makes me smile to look at it.

  8. that must be some sign of good luck!

  9. Those are going to be darling quilts. Those are my favorite colors!

  10. Love the colors in that kit! Great idea to make two instead of one... And how cool is that katydid! xx


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