Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Cascading a Leaf

 Another sock done for the I 💗 Fall Knit-a-Long!
 This one is done on the #3 needles over 52 stitches.
The yarn is Berrocco DK;  it is super soft acrylic.
I kept the design up the front only and worked ribbing up the cuff on the remaining stitches!   I will be flying up the second sock in no time!


  1. It looks great! I see you did the pattern only on the front too. That is what I am doing. Otherwise, it was WAY too stretchy.

  2. Super-soft acrylic always amazes me...definitely not the acrylic yarn of my childhood! This sock is very pretty.

  3. I love how cables look, and understand their construction, but somehow I just know I'd get all confused, so I'll stick to admiring others' for now!

  4. An amazing sock finish for sure. Love the color!


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