Sunday, September 10, 2017

Irma's Fall Socks

 I have a pair of socks done for the I 💛Fall KAL!
The yarn is hand spun and dyed Merino , 56 stitches on #3 needles.
 Nancy asked about my 'foot form';  I draw everyone's foot for a record 
to fit socks I knit for them! 
 This way I can make sure the width and length is spot on.
 When  make toe-up socks, I can see how long it takes to increase to the width of the foot, then I measure this distance from the heel
 and take away an additional 1/2" of the foot length 
to allow for negative ease in a sock.  
That's my foot formula!
 As for the storm-the plants are all moved back against the house
 so they will not be knocked about by the storm!
 Everything is put away at the pool looks sad.
But the house is still inviting!  
I hope everything stays in place after Irma visits!


  1. nice autumn colours for your socks! it's already started here, my jap. maple is fiery red - and we have a lot of wind with it! though nothing compared to your side of the pond - I do hope everything will be ok and it will be over soon. stay safe!

  2. The socks look fabulous: the colors are so vibrant. Thanks for sharing your sock formula; perhaps, I should try a toe up pattern. I typically go by shoe size and then measure accordingly as I knit.

  3. Congrats on the finish. Those are really perfect for fall!
    Good luck today. I am watching Jim Cantore get blown away in Ft Meyers as I write this. It looks pretty scary down there.

  4. Your socks and attitude are amazing . Ilove your long long porch. Happy KAL finish. You are fast!

  5. Thinking of you today and Irma slowly moves toward Florida. My daughter is very nervous. It's going to be a long day!
    Your foot tool is such a good idea. I just cross my fingers on fit.
    Congrats on a finish for the KAL!

  6. Congrats! The socks are beautiful.

    Hope everything goes okay with the storm. Looks like we may have gotten luck this time.

  7. The socks are fab and I love that they are "bespoke"! Your pool looks so inviting by the way. Stay safe through Irma, Jill xo

  8. Prayers being said for all! Stay safe.

  9. Beautiful finish! Love the colors in that yarn. Hoping all is ok with you.

  10. I have received many wonderful pairs of socks thanks to you and to my cardboard foot that lives at your house! 😁 Strange to see these "before" pictures now, after seeing the mess that has arrived since...


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