Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Birthday Outing!

 Yesterday we celebrated Matthew's birthday with a family outing to the beach!
I knitted along on the messy bun hat 
and am nearing the end of this hat-another 2" is all!
 The waves were quite impressive for our shores-the rip tide warnings were still in effect so no one headed in to enjoy them from our group 
though there were plenty who disregarded the warnings-
I figure that it is the weeding out of stupid from our population....
There were plenty of bird life activity and we were very happy to watch them.
Will goes into his beach mode 
and tossed his ball and chased it for hours! 
 Ethan was not interested in the water at all at any cost!!! 
  He like hanging out with Grandpa 
and stealing sips of Grandma's lemon water!
 The beach was littered with shell detritus but I didn't find any shark's teeth!
 We did find some Coquina rocks and that is always a treasure!
This guy didn't fare so well with the waves so large.
 I enjoyed sitting and watching the waves come . 
 Very restive. 
Every once in a while a bit of foam would whip up
 and the texture is so interesting! 
 The whole day was perfection!
We came back home to cheesecake and a game of cards.
Sunkissed, rested and sated.


  1. I think the family photo is wonderful. Cheesecake and cards? perfection.
    I am interested in the bun hat. VEry interested. How do you construct the hole? Does this mean I 'dont have to do the slippery slope decreases??? do tell

  2. Watching waves is hypnotic and relaxing.

    The messy bun hat is looking good.

  3. What a beautiful day!!! I need a day at the beach to unwind...nothing is better than listening to the waves.

  4. Nothing like a relaxing day at the ocean for a good recharge! I enjoyed it vicariously through these pictures -- thanks for sharing. :)

  5. PS -- I love that picture of Ethan drinking Dad's just tickles me for some reason!

  6. Lovely pictures. I miss going to the beach - watching the water is absolutely hypnotic.


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