Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What Can You Do?

 When the power is out, you have to creative in your creative activities:
 Load up a quilt from your neighbor, Millie, on the frame.
Use up every last bit of your dishcloth cotton and make a radar map dishcloth!
 Pull out the Accuquilt cutter and cut out 35 rag quilt blocks for the front of a lap quilt, 35 for the back........
 and rotary cut  35  6 1/2" squares of batting for the middles!
Layer them up in a pile for sewing a quilting design on their middles-soon!


  1. Having to be creative about how to be creative is its own kind of fun! :)

  2. It's nice that we are the kind of people that can keep ourselves busy no matter the circumstances. I enjoy an occasional loss of power every now and then-as long as we don't need the AC, that is!

  3. Time goes by quickly during a power outage when you have something to occupy your mind and hands. It must feel good to get so much accomplished.

  4. I could've guessed you'd be keeping busy!! You're all ready to go once the power comes back on.

  5. When the power comes back on, you will be prepared! Hope you get it back soon.


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