Friday, September 8, 2017

The Waiting Room

 As we wait to see where this is going to hit....
 I decided to play with a bit of glass in the microwave kiln.
 My tribute to Irma-hurricane glass jewelry.  These will be pendants.
BTW,  the soap separated just fine if a bit crooked at the divide!  Now we each have 7 bars to last us for months!


  1. Who knew you could make glass in a microwave! That's awesome! I love your pieces.

    Hope you ride out the storm safe and warm.

  2. Pretty glass! Be safe - will be thinking of you.

  3. Whoa! Knitting, spinning, dyeing, quilting, garment sewing, soap making, AND creating glass and jewelry! You have some serious talent, lady.

    I love the glass for pendants.

  4. I didn't know you did glass work. YOU are amazing! Your glass pieces are beautiful!

  5. Ain't it the truth about 7 bars lasting FOREVER. It's hard to have fun making soap when it just last so long.
    Stay safe this weekend. We've STILL got hurricane damage in the yard after all these years. We had so many trees go down we just gave up. The cats love them. Our new roof is being put on next Tuesday. We had a branch go through it during Irene and just patched it until it started leaking with all this rain we have been having. Irma better steer clear. I am really over cleaning up Mother Nature's messes!
    Good luck!

  6. I keep meaning to have a go at soap making, it always looks so lovely in this neat slices! Hope the hurricane stays well away from you,

  7. Stay safe! We are cancelling our plane tickets for Wednesday and will reschedule later. The airline is allowing it so we thought better safe than sorry. The soap looks great, and the glass is gorgeous!!

  8. The glass came out amazing. Was it really red first and came out blue?

  9. Glad the soap worked -- great idea! It pays to be brave! Fun that you played with glass -- haven't seen that in a while. Stay safe and sane and dry! 💚


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