Friday, September 29, 2017

Fall Sock Progress

 The sock flew along with  much more pleasure when I used plain knitting.
 I tried the gusset heel-no wrap and turns either for the heel. 
 I liked the results and the fit but will have to tweak the heel placement line on my cardboard form!
I did have to rip out and try again once.  This yarn is a bit heavier than the pattern I was trying so the row gauge was off and the first try made the sock too long.  
(It might've gone to my daughter! lol) 
 I hope to nail it with no repeats on the second one.
  I am working on the k2p2 rib for the leg now-I'm not sure how high I will make it yet.
 On the way to the beach with friends today, 
we passed the newly cut hay field and they had it all baled! 
 It looked very Fall even if the temperatures didn't reflect that at all!
We went to Corky Bell's on the St Johns River.
It was a wonderful time to catch up.
 We had a great meal at our fav restaurant and they headed to St Augustine Pier.
The tide was just going out so there were tons of shells to sort through
 and we walked up and down the beach. 
 So nice to share a day!
 When I got back home, a nice KnitPicks pkg was waiting for me!  
 This is a treat for me-one of their wooden bowls for knitters! 
 It is superb!  Don't hesitate to treat yourself to one!
I haven't shown this in a while;  I finished the top row last night. 
 It is so relaxing to knit on it one block at a time....


  1. I was just looking at those bowls and wondering if I needed one. I have a very pretty ceramic one but I am too afraid to use it. I was thinking a wood one might be just what a clutz like me could use. I'll have to start saving my pennies.

  2. Your new yarn bowl is adorable!!!!

    The blanket looks great too. You are so right. Working on these blankets is so satisfying. I'm trying to "square mine up" now" and I think it will then be useful on the sofa as a little throw. I can build on it as I get more scraps.

  3. Wow I love your blanket. Like Deb, I'm afraid to use my ceramic bowl. That's just silly. I'm going to start

  4. Yarn bowls are great! I have three of them - two pottery and one wood.

    Self-striping yarn makes wonderful socks. One of these days, I'll attempt a pair of toe-up socks.


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