Monday, September 11, 2017

The Other Side of Irma

Cascading Leaves pattern in a Berrocco DK yarn on #3 needles.
Knitting happens when the winds howl and the power flickers! 
 This morning, we surveyed the property to find lots of trees down 
and branches broken!
 The driveway has lots of branches down but it isn't blocked!
 The pool screen is history!  
Sad to see it hanging there shredded!
 But it is replaceable!  
 While no limbs or trees are down on the house,
 the yard will be a 'project' for a month!  
This is my favorite tunnel to drive through on the golf cart!
 The banana trees took a beating! 
The pond is up the highest it ever has been!
The boys loved throwing sticks in!
And the pond is flowing out the overflow canal and made a cool bubbling brook!

The generator is going so we have essentials.
While it was pretty wild last night, 
we are safe.
That says it all.


  1. Wow! So glad you are ok. Love your new sock start.

  2. Good to hear that your family is safe.

  3. I think it is so funny that people are saying that since Irma was downgraded it was nothing to worry about. They obviously have never dealt with the clean up. Ouch....that's a lot but a least the house is safe. Irene was only a cat 1 here and there were houses squashed flat to the ground on Daddio's street. It took years to rebuild. All hurricanes are scary.

  4. Glad you are safe, but you are right ........looking at all that damage is heart breaking.

    Hugs! Hope your power comes back soon.

  5. Sorry about the pool screen. The kids at the pond are so cute. Lovely picture, I imagine they have some wonderful adventures together there. That cascading leaves pattern looks good. But toe up? Geez, I dunno!

  6. Glad are all safe. Guess you don't really need a lot of fire wood, but looks like you will have plenty.

  7. The damage is so sad to see, but I am so thankful that people and house are safe! That sock is beautiful -- that copper color is beautiful, and the solid makes the pattern sing!

  8. So so glad you are safe. YIKES. Please tell me insurance covers all of this. They are such takers. I fear Insurance companies just throw up their hands and say NOPE to folks who have had years of policies and payments. TEll me they are good to you?

  9. the news were full of Irma stories even over here - but it's good to know that you're all safe! things can be replaced, as long as nobody gets hurt - that's the main thing! and of course you know how to keep yourself busy - even without electricity! very productive:)


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