Friday, September 1, 2017

I 💗 Fall

 I couldn't wait to cast on for the new KAL and did great from the starting line...
 but stumbled on the first turn!   I remember from a year ago when I tried to knit the pattern Nutkin, I just don't like it!  Then the sock had too many stitches and it didn't fit right so I ripped again.
 Then I dug through my extensive pattern collection and found a good fit!
Ah, yes, I have found a good fit and a pattern to make me smile;  an old one called Red Dwarf Sock.  A few minor tweaks to make it fit my stitch count and  we're off!


  1. Looking good! The dyed yarn is working up nicely.

    Please tell us more about your personalized sock guide in a future post.

  2. You are definitely channeling fall! I love the pattern down the front of the socks.

  3. Nice! I looked at Nutkin but the comments scared me off.

  4. Once again I am behind reading, your top looks fantastic. Such a great color and style. Love your new yarn and of course the newest pattern of your sock. Happy Fall.

  5. Those socks will be amazing! And great job on altering the vest, it is gorgeous.

  6. Ooooooooooooo...those are going to be lovely!!!! Glad you found a pattern to work with that fabulous yarn.


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