Wednesday, September 6, 2017

In Season!

 Millie gave me this panel fabric a year ago.  
 I pulled it out and went right to work at the frame, quilting it! 
 I'm glad to say it is finished and ready to hang on the wall 
in time to enjoy it all Autumn!
 The quilting lines were a lot of fun to 'draw' 
and the work went very quickly.
I pulled out fabric from the stash and even put the binding on!
I can't wait to show Millie the end result!
 I'm still using up the last little balls of the dishcloth yarn!  
This one is done in a style my Grandma did with so many 
but she did hers in #10 crochet cotton thread! 
 Hers was a decorative pot holder;  mine a completely functional dish cloth!
 Here is a newly hatched gopher tortoise discovered early this morning!
 To give you a better visual scale-Millie is holding him because Will wouldn't!         
He is about the diameter of a 50 cent piece!
After admiring him, we put him in the shady grass so he could rest!


  1. Such a cute little turtle!
    Working on that panel looks like fun. I need to pull mine out and get some practice.

  2. Your panel looks great. Love that little turtle - so sweet.

  3. I haven't seen a wild tortoise in years! When we were kids, we lived by a small like, so wildlife was common. One of our "jobs" was to help all the turtles across the road before they got hit. Mostly red-eared sliders and snappers, but there was the occasional tortoise too.

  4. I have a tortoise button that we have never used. Al and I bought it years ago. It is so cute. It is just like yours only the size of a quarter. Fun post.

  5. You find the most fascinating things in your yard.

  6. I've seen a gopher tortoise quite THAT small. So cute!!!

    The quilt hanging turned out nicely too. I am amazed at how much stitching you get done in a week.

  7. Baby tortoise is so cute. The sunflower wallhanging is very pretty -- nice warm colors and not garish. Where are you going to hang it?


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