Thursday, September 7, 2017

Re-Harvest Sock!

 Meet the new Harvest sock!  
 I was on the ribbing and nearing the bind off 
when I took a good look at the sock.  
It was stiff
 and the pattern was lost in all the Fall colors
and looked like wrinkles instead of a pattern. 
 To top it off, when I put my foot in, it strangled instead of hugged. 
 I ripped it right out!  
So there!  
 I picked up a size three needle (instead of the #1)
 and I am going to knit a plain sock 
and it is such a better decision!
(I heard that voice all the way through this sock, 
I'm sorry I didn't listen sooner!)
I actually made a batch of soap!  
 It has been months and months since I got to play with a batch! 
 I needed my scent (lavender) and Bill needed his (patchouli)
 but I only had enough goat's milk for one batch;  so I did an experiment! 
 I divided the batch at the last minute, added scent to each half accordingly 
and then poured each bowl into the big mold 
while Bill held the piece of plastic (I cut from the top of a Cool Whip lid) 
to keep the halves separate! 
 When I slice it tomorrow , I will let you know how it worked!


  1. You have to listen to the yarn... the yarn knows!

  2. That's a brilliant solution to the soap battle. I love both patchouli and lavender so either end would be a win for me.
    Too bad about the sock after all that work but yarn's gotta be what yarn's gotta be. I am fighting with my Falling Leaves sock. That Kroy is a bit stiff for such a fancy pattern. I am going to soldier on but it's not a fun knit.

  3. I rarely try to knit a pattern with variegated yarn: it's not happy, and I'm not happy.

    You make soap, too? You're one talented lady!

  4. Your yarn is beautiful!!! And you make soap too????

  5. Sometimes those starts are just a little off. I"VE been there! Love your plain sock idea. Soap? You too? You guys put me to shame!!

  6. Sounds like the perfect way to both have soap you like. I'll be curious to know if it worked. (I'm guessing it DID.)

  7. You are always so well-behaved with your rip-out and restarts! That yarn sure is pretty...very "you" colors!


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