Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Baltimore Album Quilt

I am finished with the quilt, finished the binding in the car yesterday, bulky as a lap companion but I wanted it done! I started this quilt many years ago with my Mom, working on a block together every so often and then putting it together; hers has been done for a long time but mine waited for me to learn how to machine quilt on a frame! This was a challenge in many ways but I learned how to quilt (mostly) straight lines, how to do beginner feathers and the pitfalls of using a dark thread on top with a white bobbin! Bill thinks I have outdone myself.....I appreciate his appreciation!
This is a close-up of the cross-hatch quilting and the 'feather' in the border.

We were in the car again yesterday because I had a dentist appointment and Bill had to meet with Lowe's and Home Depot again-they are fighting for our business for the framing lumber and windows order. But while we were out, Bill suggested we stop and look at the choices for laminate flooring-we want to do the whole house in it. Well, we not only found one we loved, we paid for it (they will hold it for a month-good thing because without the addition up, we have no room for it!) They let us bring some home to look at and walk on to be sure it was the right choice--->
...the cats laid on it for hours......... is a pic without their carcasses blocking your view! It is called Old Hickory; textured and warm to walk on-so unlike the first years this kind of flooring was available on the market....flimsy, flat and fake looking. This has the beauty and depth of our old farmhouse's hardwood floor without the upkeep! Both my brother and sister have it in their homes and love it so I am so excited! We have enough to cover about 2,000 square feet of flooring--we will be experts at installation by the time it is finished. (Dad, are you busy this winter?!)


  1. Lovely -- both the quilt and the flooring!

  2. You did the binding on that large, beautiful, white quilt in the car??? WOW!! Maybe some day...
    Thanks for your words of encouragment on my blog.

  3. You could always store the flooring in the living room next to the grill awaiting construction.

    The quilt is absolutely beautiful. What is the plan for it to reside?

  4. The quilt is gorgeous. WEll done.

  5. Looked the quilt, just beautiful. I take it the cat doesn't ride in the car with you-maybe you should remember that next time. Sharon

  6. OOps, meant loved the quilt. Sharon


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