Saturday, August 2, 2008

Home Day!

We have had a busy schedule for a couple of 'old retired' folks. Today we didn't have to get up, dressed and out the door at the crack of dawn! I enjoyed a morning of cleaning and re-ordering the house; Bill mowed all the lawn before the rain moves in this afternoon. Look how green it is compared to last year this time......

I finished up the watchcap from the leftover yarn from the gator scarf..........I will package it up for a trip to Iowa with a note on it " To open on the first snow of the season!' Remember, this is going to a young man here at church who is 'goin' north' for college.

I am heading to the sewing room-hope to get in a few hours before the power goes out with the rain that is due. Bill does gripe about the frequent power outages here--says that it never would have been permitted in NY-well, darling, you are thinking like a Yankee-and it is very common to lose power here with every rain-been that way for the 25 years we have been visiting Florida so he should just get used to it! Since he used to work for the power company in Ny, he says there is no excuse for it. I just pull out my spinning or knitting and he will take a nap-we will manage to get used to it together!


  1. What a surprise when he sees your 'sub-tropical' scarf on a cold snowy day!

    I still love it - where'd ya get the pattern please?

  2. Wow, what a fun crocodile! It'll make everyone smile!


  3. After the year of the hurricanes when the power was off more than it was on we went and bought a generator. I highly recommend this, not for the few hour power outages but when the big storms come and you lack power for a whole day! You just feel a bit more secure when grocery shopping knowing it won't go bad if you have a day without power.


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