Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fay's Last Hoorah!

While the winds and rains raged and the storm radio sent out tornado warnings, I placidly cleaned, erranded and was usual self!

Here is a lesson in veranda needs some remedial attention.

And except for some branches, we were happy to receive the attention of Fay, all 13" of her!
I had a brainstorm idea for the pile of handspun, hand knitted socks my daughter had sent to me for their own kind of remedial attention, the heels were windowed and needed sealing up. I started with a pair of my own so I could see if it felt (no pun intended!) okay after it was mended. Success and with an easy, quick and painless fix! I tackled the rest of the stack with energy and was thrilled with the results. I packed up the pile and mailed them right out!
I am definitely on to a good thing with the embellisher to the rescue!
When I came back from the Post Office, I was reaching into the back seat to pick up the detritus of previous trips and popped a rib...........I don't know how a broken rib feels, but I definitely heard a snap and have the impaired mobility I think is consistent with such an injury. Great, says I, just in time for my gall bladder surgery on Monday!

Next week, I won't notice the pain but today I am in slow-motion!

As long as I had my embellishing machine out, I thought to try and get artistic. I joined a postcard swap with a group on-line using our machines. I had a very fun hour and was satisfied with the end product. I have to mail mine to Kentucky, but I am to receive one from Australia and that will be fun! Since I am a rookie, I wanted to get mine out before I got discouraged from the other entries! Does this make sense or is it definitely a character flaw?!

I also made a couple of headbands to go with the skirts I made a few months ago.....I got to use my new Hot Fix crystals and wand and it was hard to stop and recognize when enough was a enough for the bling!

A new quilt is up on the design wall..........a wallhanging for us will happen eventually. Before I get to it, I will enjoy it on the wall for now.

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  1. Can't wait for my given-new-life socks -- I'm so spoiled! :)


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