Monday, August 4, 2008

Serious Sewing Accomplished

See the big pile of thread...........yes, after I whipped the quilt off the frame and yelled, "Voila!" a strangled , "Oh, no!" soon followed. The last 1/2 hour of sewing was all a wash....loops and knots on the back meant I had to rip out the whole section. A Nike moment, ' just do it' followed.

I have remedied the error, cut all the lose threads and have to decide on the binding color....

Tom is both a great help........

...and a hinderance because I am now done with cutting and ironing the binding but can't sew it on because he is so comfortable.......

While I waited for him to awaken, I loaded another quilt recently finished on the frame .......the red and white twin sized quilt. Now to decide how to do the quilting on this.......

Do I do it all in white thread to match the background.........or all in red to match the contrast fabric or do I switch it back and forth according to the area I am soon as I get these little details settled, I will get going!


  1. You are so stick-to-it-ful...!

    Looks good...and I love the pictures of Tom, as always!

    I think I would vote for the red thread, too.

  2. I would have cried about having to rip out that thread!! :( What caused a problem like that?? The new quilt is lovely, I like red and white!

  3. By the way...I don't see an email so will post my thanks here, for your comments on my blog. I don't have 'local dealers' here of any sort to look at ANY machines. I had never heard of the short arm quilting system you recommended. Maybe someday......for now I have decided to go with the Bernina 440QE. It should be at my house on Friday!!


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