Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sewing Day Endings

I finally tempted Tom off of the quilt with a call to supper.......and sewed the binding on the quilt without a hitch. As I sat and trimmed the excess backing and batting away, I could no longer pull the quilt into my lap........guess who was back. See that insolence, he didn't like the trick I played on him!
I did mangage to sit last night and sew on most of the binding but have about 4 feet left to do, I just got too tired! It was still waiting for me this morning!

See what Bill brought me for a ....because I love you!

And this was an 'I love you' from the Lord!


  1. Beautiful rose from Mr. M. one flower for 'just because' always means more than the $100 arrangements do for anniversaries etc. You ever notice that sometimes binding sewing is just what you need (relax with a good movie while handsewing) other times it seems to drag forever! Tom sure does have good taste in quilts. Where is this one going to end up?

  2. "Just because" is definitely special!

    Pretty rainbow, and over your favorite spot, too!

    I'd love to sit and sew the binding on with you while watching a chick flick together...

  3. Our cat is also Tom; his real name is Tomodachi but he's rarely called that. Tomodachi means 'friend' in Japanese.

    Tom's favourite sleeping spot is to be curled up on someone's clothes - but only clean clothes mind you; dirty ones hold no attraction! Failing that, right up against the pillow on the bed.


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