Friday, August 1, 2008

Beach Day with Friends

Today we met Jessica and her four sons at the Fort at Matanzas River. We did the boat ride together, had a Church's chicken lunch and then her oldest son, Gage, and Bill took off to do some serious surf fishing. (They had a great time but didn't bring home anything edible-only 2 small sharks, an 18" and a 30" which they released.) No picures 'cuz I had the camera!

Jessica and I took the younger boys and swam-well, played in the waves. We took a long beach walk and explored shells and tidal pools; she had never been to this particular beach so it was nice to share our 'perfect' spot with her. Again no pictures because I was holding Finn (he's 2) or shells! We got back from our walk just in time for another quick swim because this is what was rolling in fast.......I did have my camera for this!

This was at low tide -we parked the car only 30' from the shore 4 hours earlier! I told you it is a perfect beach!

We packed up, brushed off sand and loaded up the kids to go and find our other men. Little Finn was asleep before we drove 100 feet! Nothing like some fresh air to bring a nap on!

By the time we found our guys, the real rain hit and we had to finish exchanging our beach stuff under our towels so we could see-just a fun finish to a great day. My shoulders are rather sun-kissed but it is with a good tired that we end this day!

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  1. Glad you had a nice time together!

    The picture is gorgeous -- I love the colors and even textures in it.


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