Saturday, August 9, 2008

'Cuz I Felt Like It

One nice thing about having to be in the car is that I can still do some of my handwork...knitting is so portable and I can knit and talk to (listen to...) Bill at the same time! To felt, you need 100% wool, knit for 18" or until you have just a bit of yarn to pick up the edge stitches and give it a bottom....... Throw it is the washer (in a lingerie bag ) with just a bit of detergent and agitate it. This took 3 repeats of the wash cycle to get it small enough and tight enough to be a bowl. (It is different every time you felt and justs adds to the fun. Sometimes it only requires 5-7 minutes of agitation and others, like this yarn, required 30 mins! )

Place the wet bowl on a form to shape it, this is my mixing bowl-I knew there was a reason to have kitchen appliances! Let it dry on its own--hours or even overnight. (Here it is dry in only hours-98 degrees of sunshine does that for you!)

Enjoy your creativity and stop and enjoy your surroundings........we have a whole new crop of these little guys running around. I do mean running around because our hunter, Tom, chases and eats these guys like candy! He knows when we yell to drop one-to swallow in one gulp so he will not lose his prey! Stinker!

Fill the bowl with yarn balls and savor your work of art!

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  1. Hey, swallowing with one gulp is better than eating its tail and dropping the still-alive body in the house for you... :)


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