Thursday, August 14, 2008

Footers, Flora and Fauna!

The guys finished the prep work for the footers just in time for the concrete delivery! (Bill finished his homework-the elbowed pvc pipes-just in time, too!)

We took off to drive a friend to the Jacksonville airport and to pick up some corrected prints. The inspector 'caught a flaw' for the garage foundation and we had to get it corrected today. At least he was agreeable to allow the work to continue as long as we had the correction before he comes back in a few days! Sure did give us a bit of pause! We missed most of the fun today but here is the results of their labors:

South side addition
Garage side
We were thrilled to see the footers all poured and leveled and no cat prints. :'(
I admit, I am a bit disappointed-but we still have the slab to pour so there is another chance!

There was 3/10" of rain but it didn't seem to make a problem for them and the flowers loved it.
See how the Pagoda plant has grown-the blossom I posted previously was quite small in comparison-this flower is 4' off the ground and the bloom is 12" tall! (No smell)

This is a perennial sunflower we brought from my Father's crop in NY.....his are 7' tall; this guy is only 18" but not bad for being transplanted mid season!
Another aloe plant is blooming.

The banana tree has fully recovered from the frost damage and has really filled out.

Look closely, Bill took a walk around the pond and remembered to take the camera for a change. Two doe were on a path out back--we haven't seen any tracks since the loggers have been working but they are finished now and so the deer join us again-so glad for their presence. And I finished the red and white twin-sized quilt! It looks like it would fit right in a little room in a lakeside cottage up north.............any takers?! Here is a close-up of the quilting in the border on the back side.....

and some quilting on the front. I am just lovin' my quilting machine and frame!

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  1. Hooray...there's no doubting whether it's "for real" there's no turning back!!!

    Flowers, wildlife, and handiwork are all lovely. The quilting is just beautiful!


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