Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Let the Games Begin!

I joined a challenge for knitting on Ravelry (an on-line knitting community) to start a project on the first day of the Olympics and then to finish it by the last day of the games. Thanks for the pressure, I mean inspiration, Jessica! (This is a handspun yarn of mine, it will be a tank top-we are still in the 90's here and will be for another month!)

We got Bling back from the vet; we had him declawed as he has decided to be an indoor cat and is tearing everything up. Miserable , yes, but he is doing well walking around but still prefers to sleep. We are supposed to keep him in all the time but he is not thrilled to have the cat door shut-he wants to use the outhouse not the indoor plumbing I have provided!

And here is the real reason I chose this title--the permit has been granted! It is sitting on the pile of paperwork that is our copy of all we have submitted. It has been a marathon but all leading up to this moment!
While we were outside getting ready for the concrete contractor, I was moving plants and stuff away from the ends of the house so they can work, I came around the corner and saw Bill hard at work........once you work for a public utility, you are forever ruined! He was talking to one of his old co-workers and the pose just came natural!

I gave up and went in the house to sew when we had a cloudburst.

I started on a quilt for Caleb to go with his new pillows for the livingroom. I laughed as I cut up

and sewed together and cut it up again,

and then pressed all the pieces.........some would call us crazy for spending hours doing this!

To me it is a creative necessity!
At 2:30, we heard a knock on the door----->they were here!
The work has begun and I will keep you posted each day that we have some progress to report!

This is the before picture of the house as it is now. (11oo sq feet) We will be adding on to the north end-a garage and breezeway and to the south end of the house (shown in the pic) we will be adding a livingroom, spare room and master bedroom with bathroom.

I am so excited; Bill gave me a hug and acknowledged, "It is a big day when our dream house is becoming a reality!" Thank you, dear, for realizing this!


  1. Oh the joy, oh the fun,
    Now the works Chez Delighted have begun!

  2. Thanks for posting so many pictures of your house project! We added on our kitchen last summer and we're hoping to add on a family room and master bedroom/bath this coming spring. I'm sure you had a blast in the planning phase, but it's wonderful to see those plans coming to fruition! :o)


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