Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Post Op

Did a bit of knitting in the hour before prepping me for the surgery. I had thought I would have many hours in the waiting room but they moved my surgery time up from 11 to 8 so things moved along much quicker. My Pastor and his wife made it in time to pray with me, tease me about being dopey after the meds and then stayed with Bill during my surgery. It is good to have a church family. I am doing pretty well; the pain meds remove the edge off the surgical pinches and Bill is doing fine with being my nurse-he has always been at work when I required care in the years gone by so he is liking being needed. As for the building project, it is on hold while the necessary papers go back through the board for approval again. It is nice to have it be quiet I must admit. I thank the many friends for well wishes, prayers and meals that have come my way-it is good medicine.


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