Monday, August 18, 2008

Block Progress

This morning the big trucks arrived with their loads of sand to level the area for the slab to be poured later this week. Bill got right to work to level and pack the area to save time.....the men were very glad they didn't have to do it by hand! I had to leave to go to St Augustine for pre-op appointment while Bill stayed to meet with the plumber (he is coming to do the work tomorrow) and to help the men stay focused! What progress they had made by the time I got back!

They had a good laugh showing me the air conditioner...........

It has to be off the ground so they can pour the cement on Thursday..........they were proud of their solution!

Look, I am going to have a veranda!

I worked a bit at the quilt frame before my appointment.
And while waiting at the offices I knit quite a bit. Are the Olympics done yet.......?!!!
I have the right , back shoulder to finish!


  1. Nice Work! I love the tank and the quilting design. Waves? Will the coming rain effect the slab pouring? If so you may not want to let your a/c hang like that in the wind.

  2. And again I say, wow, what progress on everything!!!

  3. Looks like things are moving right along. I noticed that your backing on Calebs quilt is the same pattern as the fabric I'm using for my yo-yos. Great minds think alike!!


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