Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last Day with GB

Today will be the last post for a few days; I am going to have my gall bladder removed tomorrow. My gall bladder has not been a friend for a long time so I am glad to part company with it! Bill will be taking me into St Augustine's Flagler Hospital for the one-day surgery.

The men will be working on the house while we are busy. Bill has made the revisions on the print and made the changes they required for the washer plumbing. Hopefully things will proceed this week again.

I finished up loose ends yesterday; dyed the sock yarn I have put off for months...these are for Bill who wanted red, white and blue socks. I have the pattern, yarn and needles packed for tomorrow's waiting room visit! I am going to make toe-up socks and had to rewind the socks because the first time I had the balls wound so that the red would knit out first-I couldn't knit them in the wrong direction!

I finished the tank top for the Ravelympics.
I finished the curtains for Caleb's livingroom. Too bad I can't mail the 80" bamboo pole for the curtain rod! The fabric is decorator weight, the lining is muslin. Yes, it is the same fabric I used for his pillows.

I put up some of the blocks for the GI quilt so that I can admire the progress we have made...NY, Ga and FL hands have worked on this so far! I will be recouperating in the sewing room during the day (it doubles as the spare room, too) so that I will have a bit of peace and quiet as the men work -there is no window in there so I will also have some privacy! The bathroom is only 5 steps from the bed with is also a plus!


  1. I hope your surgery goes well. I had mine out 20 years ago, & have been much happier without the little bugger!

    Love your hand dyes yard, & the quilt too!

    Glad you found me so I could find you!Thanks!

  2. May God guide the hands of the surgeons and bring you to a quick, full recovery.

  3. Glad you are parting with the nasty little thing...finally...!

    Love you lots and hope your recovery is quick and easy -- at least you will have your sewing stuff and cats to surround you while you are recuperating!


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