Thursday, July 18, 2019

Take a Soak

 I have spun all of the Masham wool into yarn so I needed to work with some raw fleece
so I have something to spin for the Tour de Fleece;
this one is some more Gulf Coast Native fiber.
I plunged it into a tub of hot, sudsy water and let it soak for a few others. 
 Twice I emptied the dirty water before it was clean enough;
then two tubs of hot water to rinse it!
I set it outside to dry-just in time for rain to fall!
I placed it under the fan in my  studio and it was dry and fluffy in no time!

Oh, and I have another clean and dry skein of wool-another 413 yards !

Bill did well in the surgery but is in considerable pain now.

We are hoping that this will be the closing 4 weeks for this subject!


  1. Glad his surgery went well. I understand the pain (having had a flap with my nose surgery several years ago).

  2. Poor Bill.
    Your fiber looks great. I do love Gulf Coast. It has so much spring to it. It makes the best socks.

  3. Ooh, fluffy locks, are they going to stay natural or be dyed? And still loving that gorgeous yarn!

  4. I don't spin, but it must be gratifying to turn raw fleece into yarn and then a knit item.

  5. Oh that lovely fleece!

    Hope Bill isn't in too much pain for long.

  6. I miss spinning. I sold my wheels and now am regretting it a LOT! Your fleece is beautiful and so is the yarn.
    I'm still keeping BIll in my prayers. I hope the pain eases soon for him and this is the final chapter in this story of his elbow. ***hugs***

  7. Bless your heart and his too for going through all this. Sending healing thoughts your husbands way.


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