Friday, July 26, 2019

Flowers and Tubes

The friday feline foto-
Nyki is hiding behind the coleus so I can't see her!
 The blackberry lilies are blooming finally!  I've missed seeing their little faces!
 The bougainvillea is happily flowering-the afternoon rains and warm sun is just what she loves. 
 The time for the pagodas to bloom is here;  this is just a little portion of the 14" high blossom!
See what I mean!  Striking!
 Here is another one playing hide and seek! 
 The caladium is perfectly matching the color of this frog!
 Look what I made today--working out the timing of the buttons 
and I figured out how to make a tube called circular knitting 
or obviously, tubular knitting! 
 I used the leftover sock yarn to figure out
the tension and gauge-after tweaking, 
it is the same as my sock knitting;  8 stitches and 10 rows to the inch.  
Now I can work over 64 stitches and be comfortable with the numbers.
 See how it is a completely open tube--perfect for newborn hats and SOCKS!
More on this tomorrow!
 When the nurse came to change his bandage, we got to peek at Bill's elbow.
This is the wound vac tube--the black is the sponge which goes over the wound and removes the
fluids so it is hostile to bacteria.
 Underneath all of this is the newly closed wound!
  For the first time in 5 months, we can't see down to the bone!  Looking good!


  1. Oh dear! Those elbow shots made me a little queasy!! Love the blackberry lilies - very pretty!

  2. The blackberry lilies are gorgeous.

    Hope Bill's elbow continues to do well.

  3. Bill's wound looks healthy and will soon be healed. This has been a long journey for both of you.

  4. Your flowers are all so colorful, the knitting is beautiful and interesting too, but...Bills elbow is the best of all. It's looking wonderful. I'm so glad that the doctors finally figured out what to do and prayers are working.

  5. Yippee!! I bet he can't wait to get that arm back to work. It must have been terrible for him. I can't even imagine how The Mister would have handled that. It wouldn't have been pretty. I do know that.

  6. That wound is looking great, no redness or swelling, Yay for both of you!

  7. IT is downright miraculous that he has his elbow!! hooray for wound care nurses

  8. Yuck! But it's better than it was, so we'll take it.

  9. your flowers are so beautiful! the usual riot of colour:) and it looks like Bill is on the mend - finally! it must have been so painful - and scary at the same time. fingers crossed that all goes well now!

  10. Your flowers are so different from mine! I love it!
    I actually bought a caladium for the house a few months back. Mine is just green and white, but the leaves are huge and delicate. I had never seen one before but it's one of my favourites now.

    Bill's arm is looking soooo much better! Here's to an easy recovery from here on out!


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