Thursday, April 16, 2020

My Physical Therapy

 I am committing to one hour of being upright and active each morning;
I had made two small cushions previously 
and wanted the third cushion to the porch furniture finished, too.  
(the white on the back of the couch is where the cats sharpen their nails--
Bill has to touch it up with brown paint every year!
It's time, dear!)
 So yesterday, I covered the cushion with leftover pieces of batting 
(covering the foam makes it so much easier to slip the cover on so it isn't fighting the foam!)
 The ripped up portion in the center is Lena's contribution! 
 She was so happy to have me in the studio again!  
She was quite the helper!
 You can see my usually invisible stitches look huge 
but it was exhausting work for me and so I didn't let it discourage me. 
 I made it right to the end of the hour mark.  
I stood, squatted and sat as part of my 'therapy'! 
 I can't believe how deeply I breathe from the effort
 but it is good for me to push for a brief part of time each day! 
 I ate lunch and then took a three hour nap!  Can you imagine!?  
I have another beautiful bloom to brighten my window sill!
And if you can see, there are several more buds on the left!  
How pretty to see all of the indoor blooms when I can't garden outside yet!
It is good to water and talk to my inside flowers for now.


  1. So good that you are able to be up and about at least for a short time - congratulations! Glad you are not going over boad. Taking it easy is so important.

  2. That fabric is very striking on your porch — nice. Hooray for the blooming violet!

  3. i like your physical therapy cushions. And it takes a long time to recover - so go easy on yourself!! Its okay to nap - its healing

  4. I've been watching Drs. on You Tube show you how to recover from pneumonia since so many are having to do it alone at home now. When we almost lost my youngest son to it when he was three I remember all the things I used to have to do to keep his little lungs clear like hanging him upside down over my lap and tapping on his back several times a day. Being up and around is good therapy and your work is just beautiful. Take care.

  5. I had bronchitis a few years back and I was amazed how long it too me to feel normal again. Hang in there - you'll get there. And think of how much better you are compared to just a short while ago.

  6. Daily, slow and steady activity is good - you’ll get there. Patience . . .

  7. You're doing great! I'm glad that you're being active but smart about it and not over-doing. You'll soon be back to normal again.

  8. How wonderful that you completed your project in your allotted time period! Thanks for the tip on covering the foam with batting. I had never thought to do that. Your violet is beautiful - foliage and bloom. So pretty and healthy.

  9. I jumped the gun and prepped the soil and planted clover seeds today. IT is still cold, but I want to give it a go!

  10. Slowly but surely you will be back to Norman! Yes, Norman!


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