Monday, April 20, 2020

Two More

 Count is up to six now.  
It finally looks like I've used some of that yellow cone
 but weighing it shows it is only half gone!
 Look at all of the blooms on the African Violet!
I've moved it to my bedroom for two reasons;
it will do better in an east window
(it had been in the southern window and it was too hot!)
and it is in my viewing pleasure now!
 And speaking of viewing pleasure, Lena takes a bath....
and even did her toes!  
There is so much pleasure in the little things all around me!


  1. Lena is such a cutie. What a lucky kitty to have found you!

  2. She's your little shadow, isn't she?

  3. The sunflower cloths make me smile - they are as cheerful as their namesake.

  4. HOW do they lick their toes like that and not snag their tongue on their claws????? LOL

  5. I love this post. The sweet dishcloths, the beautiful violet and, of course, Lena. She is a sweeties.

  6. You are knitting quite a pretty collection of dish clothes. Lena is so cute in her bath photos.

  7. Lena is darling. Miss Pie makes this smacking noise as she bathes....she's the only one we know who does it. ITS VERY LOUD!!!

  8. Love your violets! Very pretty. And Lena is very cute.

  9. It’s nice that Lena actually lets you take pictures of her...she is so adorable!


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