Thursday, April 30, 2020

An Ending and A Beginning!

 The Regia socks are finished!
They were knit on #2.5mm needles over 64 stitches.
I worked them toe-up with a gusset and heel turn.
A simple 2 x 2 rib was worked for the leg.
They match!
On the way to go and work at the mailbox,
I stepped out my front door to meet this guy!
We conversed for a bit and then he wandered away.
The single males are kicked out by their parents 
when they raise their new brood.
These gents wander for a bit figuring things out 
and try to find an area where they can settle in safely.
 I started the mailbox yarn bombing!
I think looking at the picture, 
I didn't realize how much of a gap there would be where the
brace meets the upright post.
I will work on filling it in with another section today.
And adding some to the top section--that was just my mis-math! lol
I'm also going to work on covering the horizontal section under the mailbox.
For that, I will have to use some staples.
I think I know what I am doing for that!
I leave you with this shimmering photo of the desert rose
almost in full bloom!
She is spectacular;  standing 4' tall.
(no aroma!-I told you, showy isn't savory!)

Goodbye April....
I can't say I'll miss you!


  1. Your yarn bombing is perfect! I would do mine but I am sure the two neighbor boys who live at the top of my driveway would have too much fun with it. They were sitting next to it yesterday with hammers beating up a bag of ice cubes just for fun. I really feel for people who are stuck in with little kids. The Mister is bad enough. Lol...

  2. Your mailbox is so fun! Love that critter you came across.

  3. What a cheerful mailbox! I love the desert rose, and your regal visitor!

  4. Love the socks - self-striping yarn is the best, in my opinion.

  5. So much to smile about in this post. The socks, the wonderful, whimisical mailbox, the visitor and that magificent rose. Thank you for the happy, happy, happy.

  6. I love the socks! regia is a favorite of mine. And good job matching the stripes. I'm doing the same right now. Your yarn bombing looks great!

  7. The yarn bombing looks great.

    Yes can take all of 2020 and put it in the rubbish bin as far as I'm concerned.

  8. My desert rose is about the same size. It is still indoors due to our near freezing low temps. But I LOVE YOURS. Do you feed it?

  9. The yarn bombing is wonderful! Hope you are feeling stronger every day. Stay well.


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