Friday, April 17, 2020

Walking a Mile

 Well actually only a tenth of a mile!  It felt like miles, though! lol
I used my walker and went to the mail box-400' from my front door;  
it is a slow grade downhill so the return trip was a bit more good labor!

I used two colors of cotton for this 'sunflower' dishcloth.
I will make another today.
 Lena shared my 'sewing in the tails' , arriving just in time for the finish.
She's a great encourager!
I had to do a bit of this--medical paperwork.
It was the phone calls to straighten up certain 'points' of discrepancy that were most exhausting.
Too bad I can't just text them!  I wish.
Only one bill left to take care of today-they were in meeting and out of office yesterday.
I hope you have a good day!


  1. Good for you! It must have felt like miles. I hope you've been having plenty of sunshine. It's gotten cold again here which is making the stay inside thing not as much fun. We are all happier when we can at least get out a bit in the yard.

  2. I bet it felt so good to get out in the fresh air!! Love your sunflower dish cloth - very pretty.

  3. Do that walk a few more times and by tomorrow you'll be ready for the Boston Marathon!!! Straighten out medical issues has to be the worst dimension of Hell!! One year we had several denials for our daughter's Bilirubin tests, they didn't recognize her as a dependent. It took much too long for Hubster to get the lady to understand the new dependent was the result of the C-Section his wife, me, had just gone through, that THEY had approved the bill for. SMH

  4. What a fun sunflower! Our mailbox is downhill too and I am all - whoop I got this... then I have to turn around - ha ha - I feel you! But look at the progress you are making!! you got this!!

  5. Such a cute little sunflower.

  6. The sunflower dishcloth is just beautiful and Lena looks like she approves too. Good for you getting out and getting exercise. I need to do that today too.
    Medical bills. Yuck! I feel your pain. It seems more often than not we have to call to correct something.

  7. Bravo! I bet you’re appreciative of the paved driveway when using the walker. Love the dishcloth!

  8. Sure it was wonderful to be out in the fresh air and sunshine. Dealing with the medical paperwork probably would have exhausted me on a normal day. Love the dishcloth.

  9. Yuck. Medical bills. I was a billing admin. for 20+ years for specialists. I worked on getting claims paid all day long. It is quite an arduous task. I feel your pain. Also, I love that sunflower! I might just have to incorporate that in my yarn bombing!


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