Saturday, April 25, 2020

Appointment and Errands-Done!

 We started out the day yesterday by heading into town to get some x-rays of my lungs to be sure the pneumonia is truly part of the past!  I won't hear the results until Monday!
Once my appointment was out of the way,  Bill ran a few errands since we were in town.
 I stayed in the car and just looked at people while I knitted.  
When Bill came back to the car, he had a 'wipe down' and hand sanitizing and then hung his face mask out the window until we drove to the next store--it will be a humorous memory some day!
 This is a cat you don't often hear about--I call her grumpy cat because she never smiles!
Every once in a rare while, she will get playful -- she sat in the box waiting for someone to walk near so she could 'get' them!  She looked grumpy the whole time, too!
 Here is another delicious smelling flower--our magnolias are blooming!  We have several trees and Bill picked these from a smaller tree--one he didn't need a firetruck ladder to reach  them! lol
I realized that all of the blooms that are wonderfully aromatic are all white ones!
All of the showy flowers are just that--showy and without scent, interesting!


  1. Interesting point on Sissy; I have never noticed that before (I am usually looking at her big, beautiful eyes), but it’s true! I would like to come smell your magnolias...

  2. Kitties and boxes! Love that photo.

  3. Grumy cat! That's hilarious. It's funny how they all have personalities, just like people. Dennis's mom had a cat that hated everyone. Including her. She adored that cat and he was awful. He bit everybody. He was never abused as she got him as a tiny kitten and spoiled him rotten. It's one of the reasons Dennis doesn't want another cat. He's afraid we would get one like Toby.
    I'll be praying for good news on your xrays.

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwww...I love grumpy cat. LOL I hope you let her "get" you.

  5. Grumpy cat is adorable and what cat doesn't love a box. Hope your x-rays are all clear. Those magnolia blooms are beautiful.

  6. It's funny how many "fancy" flowers have no smell. Of all my roses, the plain white ones smell the best. The multi-coloured ones have little to no scent.

    Grumpy cat is very pretty.

  7. Oh grumpers. When I visited the man with hundreds of rose bushes last fall, he said that purples are the most fragrant? My lil rose bush is making a comeback  It was a gift when My mom died, and it makes tiny red roses. I love gardenias. When we are in the south (okc) I did smell those amazing magnolias!

  8. So I am the worst friend ever because I am not getting to read blogs I had no idea you had been so, so ill. I remember you not feeling well but had no idea how bad it got. I am so sorry you have gone through such an incredibly hard time. My eldest son had swine flu when he was in high school, it was killing athletes at a rapid pace at that time and he was an elite swimmer. He ended up with double pneumonia and pulmonary effusion, it was horrible and he stayed out of the hospital only because our doctor lives two house away and checked on him before and after work every day. IT went on for weeks. So I am impressed that you are getting around a bit,using your walker and getting time to do your PT and rest. I wish you the very, very best as you travel this tough road. Stay as well as can be, don't get discouraged if you feel tired, take the time you need to heal.

  9. The magnolia is beautiful, and I'm sure the smell is wonderful. Grumpy cat is cute.


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