Wednesday, July 13, 2022


Last week I made a bit of Holly branch into a lidded box.  It was so hot in  the garage, I only did half of the turning and when I came back the next day, it was all cracks on the outside.  I thought the wood was dry enough not to do that but it I was wrong!  I filled the wood with two-part putty and let it harden overnight and then sanded and finished the work--
somethimes Plan B is better!
See?  The height is 5" tall and about 2 1/2" wide. 
 I polished it with beeswax and it feels so good!
The little bit of work I put on this night time cityscape, is finished;  you really need all of your brain to be creative you know! lol 
The rash I was experiencing wasn't a rash, it was hives!
It crescendo-ed Monday night with head to toe hives that kept me awake most of the night.  I went to the dr yesterday, and now I am on new meds and some steroids to stop the hives from coming back!


  1. The holly wood has so much character and the box is such a fun new piece! Did you watch a video first to get a feel for the technique?

  2. Yikes on the hives!! Take care. The holly box is so pretty.

  3. Oh, my hives! Mine have thankfully stopped after 3 months of that mite thing. At least I hope they have. I really haven't had much time to notice these They are miserable. My poor little new baby Grand is getting hives now every time Daughter takes him out in the heat. The allergist gave her an epi pen and said to watch for worse reactions esp since he is starting real food now.

  4. Pretty box. Is this your first box? I don’t remember seeing one earlier.

  5. I'm amazed you're able to do all this not feeling well! You are a machine, like my mom!!!!
    Love the city scape, looks kind of like Gotham City!

  6. That is interesting!! I didn't know wood would crack like that.!
    Beautiful projects

  7. Oh no, hive! Is the laryngitis still hanging on too? I have taken steroids several times when I had bronchitis and pneumonia. They put me on them just ONCE since I got my pacemaker. The steroids interacted with my heart meds and I was a mess. Heart racing, tachacardia off the charts! I think my days of taken them are gone. I sure hope they help you get better quickly my dear friend.
    I think that little holly box is so sweet. The cracks make it unique and beautiful. The cityscape is pretty too. How can you do so much when you're so sick.


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