Wednesday, July 27, 2022


Mary worked on the frame yesterday to finish her quilt and she did it!  It's pretty amazing that for someone only quilting for under two years and falling and breaking her shoulder in December so sewing was out of the question for4 months, I'd say she has found her forte'!
While Mary was doing her thing, I was trying to learn a new skill.  I was working with resin.  If you remember the old Lucille Ball show when she was trying to put up will have an idea of how me and resin got along!  Thank goodness it is a forgiving medium, because I got these pieces stuck to me and everything I picked up I dropped on them........they have to cure 12 hours, I will turn them over and resin the back and wait 12 hours but then I can show you what I have made-I hope!


  1. Pretty quilt - and it matches her shirt!!

  2. Well done!!! All those cornerstones are quite the accomplishment. Can't wait to see your resin project. I can't even guess how fiddly that must be.

  3. Bravo, Mary! I know she appreciates all the encouragement and assistance you’ve given her.


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