Friday, July 29, 2022


So this project began with a  video on an email from  LittleWindows Brilliant Resin about turning stamps into a pendant.  I asked my Mom for a stamp from a letter Dad had written her when he was in the service. 
 She found one and I couldn't wait to begin!
I built up the resin on the front of the stamps (the others are stamps from Poland-my husband's family) and then after curing, did the backs with the findings.  The top two pieces were made by pouring the leftover resin in little molds with curious items placed inside!  More on them on another day.
I was able to cut the postmark out and adhere that to the back of the stamp for Mom--I used a different way to hang it from a chain because I didn't want the bail to cover the words or dates!  
The one on the left is of a horseback rider and the one on the right of irises!  I need to buy the necklace chains when I head out to run some errands today.  
I'm also stopping to buy some fabric to turn this into a quilt with a layout like the recent dolphin one! Her brother is going to love it!



  1. The resin pieces are so interesting!

  2. That is a brilliant way to display stamps! Daughter has a stamp collection around here somewhere. The Mister was a letter carrier and people used to give him cool stamps for her all the time. Resin used to be a big thing back in the day. My grandmother made a paperweight out of her GALLSTONES. I kid you not.

  3. Oh how neat!!!!

    That dragon panel is AMAZING too!

  4. Clever idea to preserve some family history and memories.


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