Monday, July 25, 2022


I felt good about getting the last borders on the QuitsForKids.  Mary will finish up her quilt on the frame tomorrow and then I can begin chipping away at the pile I have stacked up!
And for those of you who noticed the mistake on this corner of the quilt;  it has been ripped out and resewn!
I spent the other hours of my up time this weekend putting in the baseboard for this wall in the dining room and also framed the cut out Bill leaves in the wall to access the pipes (the bathroom is on the other side!)  We've already had to access a burst pipe in there once!  The frame only has two small screws holding it in the wall and will easily come away if there is another emergency!  I'm glad it looks finished now!
  I'm going for labs today--hoping to nail down the reason for the hives still plaguing me and interrupting my nights for hours!


  1. Nice work. Hope the doctor can figure out the hives situation....

  2. Love that new top - so bright and cheerful

  3. Good luck at the doctor. Several friends have mentioned that they had horrible itchy rashes the last few weeks. Mine has finally cleared up. It took almost a month.

  4. That's a chore! We've still got the transition pieces to do between the kitchen and living areas that I dread. I need cooler weather to think straight before we tackle that.
    I'm still having hive issues too. Every time I brush up against anything the marks welt up on my arm. I have to wear long sleeves all day. I've been blaming it on the mite issue thinking my body is still over reacting but who knows. My poor newest baby Grand has been suffering terribly from hives since the weather got warm. They gave Daughter an epi pen for him. What is up with all this allergy stuff? It's so weird.

  5. Had to look back to see if you posted a before photo of the quilt and see what the "point of the problem" was with the lower right corner. :) I usually only get hives if I'm under a lot of stress. Last time was 2005 when way too many terrible things happened within a few month period. Hope you figure out what's causing yours.


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