Thursday, July 28, 2022


A bit of knitting in the car on the way to to get in a bit of supplies because we are having some children from church over today for a swim party!  A little bit of cleaning and cooking and then a lot of splashing and laughing!  
The new sock yarn is working up in a funny kinda way-parts look like modern Christmas colors 
except for the yellow/red area that reads orange! 
 A bit of a jolt to the rest of the stripes!  


  1. Car knitting is the best! That is an interesting colorway. Static really can surprise you.

  2. No car knitting for me because I'm always driving. Hope you have a wonderful swim party.

  3. I never knit in the car! I'm too busy looking around.

  4. Love the boxes!!! And Resin, now I am intrigued, are those stamps? I am still stuck with just quilting, not much knitting going on at all! I need to get Squish's 1st year sweater done and then start on a baby sweater for the next grandbaby!!! Probably due March/April, waiting for the Dr appt. Squish is gonna be an older sister. Yippee!

  5. That IS a different combination. They don't look bad though.

  6. Pretty sock. I love stripes of any kind and any color.


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