Monday, July 4, 2022


 I have been hit with the viral virtigo that hit Bill last month. 
 When I was awake, I did a bit of knitting or crochet. 
 I have been in bed in a darkened room and if I keep my eye movement to a minimum, I was coping.  Not the way I planned the day but it is what I have; the day will be low-keyed. 
 But thank God I have a safe room in a country that is


  1. Hope you are feeling better!!

  2. I know so many folks that have had that vertigo thing. Sounds awful. The Mister was having trouble seeing out of one eye the other day and I really don't want to know what that was all about. I should have probably made him take a Covid test because lots of folks are reporting that eye thing with the new variants. I've got enough on my plate right now without him going to pieces on me. It's always something around here anymore. Lol.....

  3. I'm sorry that you're sick again my friend. You've sure had more than your share of "stuff" lately. I hope that you're soon on the mend and I'm glad you have your yarn to console and entertain you. Feel better soon.
    I'm glad we have our country to feel safe in too. For now.

  4. Oh I don't like that!! Feel better soon!

  5. Oh that's horrible.. hope you feel better soon and Happy 4th xx

  6. Sorry you were laid low! Hopefully you are back to 100%. Love that tractor!! And your box will be gorgeous. We are headed south on the 14th, will try to get with you for a visit!


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