Wednesday, July 20, 2022


I think it was the talk of Arizona that sparked this landscape. 
 We loved the desert for its novelty.
Last month, I tried another fluid paint pour. 
 It looked liked this at the start...
...and dried like this. 
 It looked dull to me when it dried. 
 I just set it down and would think what I could do with it!
Yesterday, I found the little canvas and decided to transform it!
I used acrylic markers to color in the background
 to create lake rock shapes.  I framed in the rocks and left the sides of the canvas colored just for interest.
Now the 'rocks' looked more vibrant and less dull to me!
  I had such a relaxing time painting the shape by filling in the background and then shading each rock to give them dimension then adding shadows to ground them.
I sealed it with clear lacquer and now it is hanging on my wall! 
 I'm onto something very satisfying! 
What do you think?!
(inspiration from Mii Painting on YouTube)



  1. Those pour videos are fascinating. I feel like I could reach out and pick up one of those rocks.

  2. I had never heard of fluid paint pour before (but, then, I don't paint). Interesting and nice.

  3. I love it turned into rocks! That is genius! And also love your landscape - is that a roadrunner?

  4. Coloring in around the rocks DEFINITELY made them pop so much more. Love the little roadrunner.

  5. Love the stones! Very cool textures.

  6. Your Arizona landscape is really pretty
    Your Fluid pour turned out Amazing!!! That shading really added interest to it!!! Very cool!!!

  7. I have a similar photograph of lake rocks - you’ve captured them beautifully.

  8. Nice work on the rock painting! Aren't roadrunners fun to see? Arizona is sure different from Florida isn't it? Both are fun and interesting places to see.

  9. Now that was a brilliant fix. It looks great with the shadows. I feel like I could touch the rocks.


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