Saturday, July 2, 2022


I enjoyed piecing the puzzle blocks--very straight forward and no seams to match so that was nice!  Then I loaded this quilt--it's Mary's and she will be coming back to quilt it this week.
I've wanted to do this for quite a while and yesterday was the day!  We cut the plywood on the table saw and then I began sanding, painting and repeat to get it ready to use as a table extension for my sewing table!
It has a leg underneath that supports it when extended!  It will hold the weight of quilts when adding binding and might even hold the ironing pad for ease in piecing blocks!
I then spent several hours in the garage helping Bill do some more cleaning out.  While there, I finished sanding this cute little project--it is a squirrel, yes, but it is to push pans into the oven  under his chin and when you turn it over, it will pulls pans toward you with his ears!  Nifty, isn't it?!
Bill had a ton of  stuff piled on the table saw so my project instigated a cleaning binge!  We found a ton of floor space!
This door hasn't been opened in years--how cool is that?!
Oh, and to discourage more piles....I added a helpful note!  
This afternoon we got a huge T-storm which dropped 4 inches of rain on us!  In an hour!  See the white pipe-it was pouring that much water off the roof gutters!  We didn't loose power which was good --we enjoyed the break from our work!


  1. That table extension is great. I have to use my rickety old ironing board to hold the weight which is not ideal. The squirrel is brilliant. I've seen things like that before but never as a cute critter.

  2. The extension is a great idea! And I love that little squirrel

  3. Brilliant little squirrel! He must be a hard worker. The extension to your sewing area will be such a handy addition. I would love that. I have never had my own craft area before but I still need more space. :-) It seems the more space you have the more you need.
    We were supposed to get some rain last night and this morning but he passed us by.

  4. Wow, I need to try and keep up, you are always so prolific! Love the quilt on the frame and that bowl!!!


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