Sunday, July 31, 2022


I worked on the new socks and finished the one and immediately cast  on for the second when youngest son and wife arrived!
They were here to buy this second (3rd, 4th) hand 17' boat for family fishing!  Bill and Caleb made sure everything was road- ready to tow the trailer the two hours home and did some general check-ups when it was time for us to break for a late lunch.
We went right in town (close) so we didn't have to be on the road any longer than necessary for them.  Forgive the squinting faces--it was 96* out and 104 in the shade-there wasn't any! lol  
Soon it was time to kiss goodbye so they could head home.
  (the kids were at their other grandparents for the weekend so it was a very different visit than usual but absolutely wonderful!)


  1. Looks like a fun visit! The boat is thrilling and looks like a great one to take out for fishing.

  2. What fun! That is a cute little boat. My neighbor has one like it that just sits in his yard and I just might steal it one day.

  3. I wish my boys were only a couple of hours away. I told them both recently that I wished I could spend at least one day a month with them. Definitely do not want 4 years to go by before I see them again.

  4. Oh Lordy Blogger won't let me sign in. It's me .... Dee.

    Sometimes it is nice to have an adults only visit. I hope your son and his family have a wonderful time in their new to them boat.

  5. We just got an 18' boat, but with a much different intent, water skiing. The fam took it out today while I stayed home and worried about Squish on a boat. She did fine in her new Coast Guard approved life vest. Whew! I was making birthday dinner for Diva, so I took a pass on the first family boat ride.

  6. Fantastic! Any time you can visit with family is wonderful


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