Tuesday, July 26, 2022


I didn't play with fabric and thread once this week!  I did enjoy playing with wood instead!  I am trying to use a new tool and practicing on these little boxes!
I made these from this Sycamore branch. 
 i am still working out the best way to mount and finish each of the pieces but I did the second one with a lot more confidence so doing two in a row helped.
The lids have a domed inner area and fit the base very snugly the way they are supposed to
 so they won't flip their lids at the least little thing! 
I do like the little knobs on top of the lids--it is fun to give it a little button top.  The boxes are 4 and 5" tall and 2 1/2" wide.
I took advantage of the lower humidity-not perfect out but much more bearable than it has been.  I have three fans pointed at me while I worked and that helped.  The only problem I had was during clean-up when the dustpan full of wood chips was lifted up to go in the bin and the breeze blew the chips all over the place!  Nothing like sweeping them up twice!


  1. Those turned out so nice. I love the button tops!

  2. Seeing these two boxes makes me wonder if you’ve considered making a set of nesting boxes.

  3. Lovely! For some reason these reminded me of some wood buttons I bought from someone who handmade them. I bet you could make wooden buttons as well!

  4. Lids! I can't imagine how hard that was to figure out so that they fit. I wouldn't know where to begin.


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