Thursday, July 21, 2022


I found a fabric I liked from the stash for the border for the puzzle quilt.
I had to cut the strips by scissor because when I folded it and lined up the ruler, the strips wouldn't be straight- along the pattern stripes-what to do?  Cut them by hand!  
I cut along the lines of the design!  
It didn't take too much longer to cut the 5 strips and now I know they run right along the straight line of the pattern and will not drive me crazy!  It's good to know what to do so you don't drive yourself crazy!
While I cut my strips, my friend Mary stritched a few more rows on her quilt at the frame. We had a few glitches due to power outages during the intense thunder storm that rolled through mid-day! We had a snack and waited out the storm
 and soon got back to work! We've had 12" of rain for the month of July already!  We usually have that much for the whole summer!  Needless to say, the pond lawn and surrounding low area is very soggy!

 The mail brought two kits from QuiltsForKids which have some very bright and cheerful fabrics! 
 I will enjoy turning this little pile into two new quilts!


  1. I've had to do the scissor method with a few things. It's one of the reasons I try to buy plaids on the diagonal - you can't see if it's off as well, lol!

  2. Those straight lines would also drive me batty if they were off. Good save with cutting along the pattern lines. The new quilts are so bright and cheerful. Not only will they be fun to make but they will make two children very happy too. Thanks for doing this.
    We could sure use some of your rain. It's very dry here. Having a snack is a great use of down time while waiting on the power. :-) Especially if it contain chocolate in some form!

  3. We sure could use some of your rain!! Great border fabric - nice selection!

  4. Such wonderful stuff going on!!! Love it all, but that canvas, genius!

  5. I'm hiding in the downstairs with Pup now from a thunderstorm and getting caught up reading
    I had to do the same thing with the plaid fabric for the baby quilt I am working on. I had to make sure it lined up so it had to all be cut one by one. I am usually terrible at lining it up but this time it worked.


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