Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Day to Play

We took a day off today and went for a boat ride!

My parents have never been boating in Florida so it was about time! Here they are on board with the Palatka bridge in the background; we had just finished a great lunch at Corky Bells restaurant.
This gator smiled for my camera shot-we saw quite a few along Dunns Creek today. Yes, he is sunning himself on a log.

The water level is still up from all the rain from tropical storm Fay-about 4 feet deeper which means that the creek was about 40 feet wider than usual as well as deeper, the lake was a lot deeper and many of the docks were underwater. Very interesting to see the changes. The area where we launch the boat is under water, too.......we had to use a different dock so I didn't ruin my sneakers!
I finished spinning 2 skeins of the alpaca fiber. So far I have about 600 yards of fine yarn. This will be a shawl when I am done carding, spinning, dyeing and knitting it..........this will be dyed something in the red family......


  1. What a great picture of Grandma & Grandpa! I'm so glad you got to share the experience with them.

    The yarn is so pretty -- it must be so silky-soft...

  2. Nice you could get the parents out on the boat. Looks like a lovely day for it.


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