Monday, April 17, 2017

A Shadow Hat

I found this while looking in my patterns for something else, as so often happens to me now.
It is a newborn hat.

I thought I needed to get my annual hats for the hospital going, especially having been encouraged (shamed) to begin some charity knitting! lol

This pattern is written for worsted weight, I used fingering weight.
The stitch pattern worked just fine;  
all I had to do was change the needle size (to a #3)
and up the stitch count to 90 from 60.
It went off without a hitch and was a very enjoyable knit.

The only problem is that I used some leftover Chroma yarn
from KnitPicks and it is hand wash/dry only
....not a great idea for a baby hat.
I think this one will be a doll hat for me and now I will use some 
superwash sock yarn for the ones to donate!

(It is a free pattern on Ravelry by Debbie Caldwell)


  1. It's too bad the Chroma is such a finicky yarn because it looks beautiful in that pattern. I've got a ton of it here too but after reading reviews I'm afraid to use it.

  2. VERY cute.

    I had knit a bunch of preemie hats and then found out OUR hospitals won't take any hats made of animal fiber or knit in homes with cats due to allergy issues.

    :-( I think if I do any charity knitting, I'll do what some locals here did and do adult hats and scarves to be tied to downtown poles with a note saying "take me if you need me".

  3. a Perfect pattern. I love the slip stitches???? happy Charity knitting .


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