Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Sumptuous Saturday!

 Everyone woke up cheerful this morning and Bill took the boys over for an early morning visit with our neighbors.
Which meant that I had a quiet early morning time in the studio!
I finished piecing the bow tie quilt and added the borders.
 I loaded it right up on the frame and set to work.
 Everything just fell into place which was so unusual!
 I moved on to watercolor the second , vertical painting of the Sprague House.
 And then while the first wash was drying, I cut out a bunch of the crazy colors blocks so I could grab a pile and piece it through the week.
The blocks are adding up.
I want to have 24 done by the end of the month.
I'm getting there!

When Bill got home with the boys-I was so refreshed and ready to start our day!
What a gift.

And now, in honor of Earth Day-this is the source of a great rotting stink in our front flowers.  It is just an amazing and disgusting mushroom,
It has a much more scientific name and a lot of disparaging ones, too.
Bill pulls them up and on a good day, 
he gets them at their source-the round root if left in the ground,
will have another stinky mushroom up within days!
You can almost see them grow!
Be grateful there is no scratch and sniff screen.
These babies smell like the walking dead!


  1. Stinky mushrooms...I have never heard of such a thing. Ewww...
    The quilts are amazing as always. Those crazy colors remind me so much of Daddio.

  2. A bit of alone time can be a wonderful gift!

    As for the mushroom ------------ewwwwwwwwwww!

  3. Nice job on the blocks and the bow tie quilt!

  4. The quilts are just beautiful. The bow tie quilt is one of those that, when the border goes on, the final piece of the puzzle falls into place and the whole thing goes from "nice" to "wow"! And I love the mix of geometrics (and the colors, of course!) on the star quilt.

    As much as I love mushrooms, both for taste and aesthetics, I'll have to pass on the stinkhorn! Gross!!!

  5. Juxtaposed post ! Beautiful bowties, ugly mushroom!

  6. Glad those mushrooms don't grow here! (we get the cute little white/brown ones that grow in a ring)

    lovely quilts... being in the quilt shop on the weekend really makes me want to get working on the ones I've got on the go.


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