Sunday, April 9, 2017


In early March, I place the hummingbird feeder on my front porch.
It is always exciting to see the early scouts show up.
And then I have a regular detail of birds feeding here.
I enjoy it so much.
this year someone else
or I should say a whole bunch of someones is showing up 
and deterring the hummingbirds from feeding here.

At first I didn't mind sharing-FL has a real problem
with the decline of the honeybee like so many other states.
But they are swarming the feeder
and filling the air around the feeder with their presence.
This is hanging right on the veranda that runs the full length of the house 
and where the boys do all of their early morning playing.
While the bees don't seem to be aggressive,
I am afraid as their numbers increase, there will be a sting in the future.
What to do?
For now, I have pulled the feeder off the porch and given up on the whole idea.
I am not happy about it!


  1. Daddio had lots of hummingbird feeders and I had never seen bees at them before. That is a dangerous situation.

  2. Uh oh ............hope you find a solution to that sticky problem.

  3. Hummingbirds are fun to watch. I have been thinking about putting mine out but it has been cold here in Ohio. Enjoy them .

  4. We get bees at our hummingbird feeders too...but not that many.


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