Friday, April 28, 2017

Repeat Until the End of the Row

 Another Shadow Hat in the pile.   It was a very hot day (98*F) so we were in and outside accordingly!
 We found Ethan a 'new' truck at a yard sale;
he loved the truck just not me asking him to hold still for a photo!
 Will watched a Gopher Tortoise walk a long ways in the yard 
 and we wondered which den he would pick?! 
There he goes!
It was amazing according to this four year old!
The men had chain saw work to remove the tree from the tractor shelter.
A typical day here, I'd say!


  1. It's going to be hot here today too. In the 90's. I hope it cools down for the MDSW next weekend or it's going to be pretty miserable in the sheep barns.

  2. Will's bare feet brought back childhood memories. I walked everywhere without shoes - rocks, gravel, and dirt didn't bother me a bit. The only place I can walk barefoot now is indoors. I've become a "tender foot."

  3. What a look -- how awful of you to want him to hold still for two seconds!! ;) How fun to have a chance to watch the tortoise! Bummer on the tree...glad the tractor survived, though.

  4. The hats are darling. each on!!! I love the quilted effect
    I would be fascinated by the turtle too! Looks nice and warm by you. Back to jackets today here in Wisconsin


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