Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Memory Lanes

 I dug this out of the hope chest just to see how it was holding up.
My maternal grandmother sewed this for my Mom when she became pregnant with me.
This qualifies as an antique now that means!
 My Mom gave these to me when I was pregnant with my firstborn, my daughter.
This was when women tastefully draped their clothes over their burgeoning forms.
(I am not fond of the present absence of maternity clothing, can you tell?! lol)
These blouses are treasures to me!
When my parents go back north , they bring left over food to us.
Anyone ever eat canned frosting on graham crackers?
I thoroughly enjoyed it!
(And so did the boys!)


  1. Frosting and graham crackers is fantastic, especially if they sit for a couple of hours and the frosting softens the crackers a bit. Yummy!

    I share your thoughts about today's maternity clothing. Most are completely uncomplimentary.

  2. I've never put it on graham crackers, but its great on ginger snaps!

  3. Oh I wore big tent like tops too. I dont like when the belly button shows through the current preggers tight shirts! But I am jealous that they can show their beautiful bellies without looking like they are camping!

  4. Graham crackers and ANYTHING is a good snack in my opinion.

  5. My mom made me several tops like that back in the day. I am still a fan of big clothes and have been known to shop in the maternity sections even now.

  6. Fun to see those little pieces of family history! Every once in a while on Wednesday night I take that snack for the kids...it's always wildly popular!


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